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  • Developer: Autodesk
  • Genre: Computer-aided design
  • Version: 2022
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Release Date
December 1982
Computer-aided design
Windows PC, macOS, Linux, IOS, Android


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AutoCAD Download for Free

Georgiana Mcintosh

AutoCAD is a 2D and 3D design and drafting application for Windows, Mac OS, and iPad. Was originally created for professional engineers and designers. It is hailed as the most powerful 2D design application in the world. It is typically used to design buildings, bridges, other structures. Is compatible with many 3D modeling applications. Is a computer-aided design (CAD) and drafting (CADD) application that is used for creating two-dimensional drawings. It can be used either on a design or on a drafting table. It is a software that helps the user to create technical drawings, maps, layouts, more.

Is a 3D design application download AutoCAD free that is used to create architectural and engineering drawings. Has a multitude of tools that can be used to create a variety of drawings, including three dimensional models. Is designed to be used on a computer, but it can be used a tablet.


Interface is largely seamless. Is designed around a ribbon interface with tabs for commonly used features. There are many menus, toolbars. Is compatible with many operating systems. User interface for AutoCAD app is really easy to use. As soon as you open the application, you are greeted with a menu bar. You have option to create a new drawing or open an existing drawing. You are able to access help menu, change view of drawing, zoom in or out of drawing, access the commands, access ribbon, access properties manager, access the drawing library, access file menu.

AutoCAD interface is a ribbon menu that displays all the tools of app. In top right of interface, there is a small icon of a printer, which is used to print the drawing. In top left of interface, there is a toolbox containing all tools that user can use to create drawing.


AutoCAD is very intuitive for people with an engineering or architectural background. Non-professionals can still learn the basics of install AutoCAD. It is very easy to draw, edit, dimension objects. Is an easy to use application. It's very user-friendly, but the menus are a bit complicated. Menus are divided into three main categories, Drafting & Annotation, 3D Design & Analysis, 2D Design. Command window AutoCAD application is an area where you can type to enter commands, which are used to draw objects. Is easy to use and requires little to no instruction to use. There is a Help button that provides user with information about drawing, how they can create it.


AutoCAD is very powerful. It is compatible with many other design programs. It is compatible with most modern operating systems. Functionality of AutoCAD online free is very different. You can draw virtually anything you can imagine with AutoCAD. You can create 3D models of your building, you can use command window to create 2D drawings, you can draw graphs, you can draw tables, you can draw figures, much more. Is a very versatile app and can create a variety of different drawings through use of tools. Is available on a variety of different devices, so it can be used on a tablet as well as a computer. Has all functionality that is needed for CAD design. It has all tools that are needed for process, it can handle all the necessary tasks. Has a big variety of features, which make it easier for user to design various complicated structures.


Support is very comprehensive. It includes online tutorials, documentation, a help center. Help center AutoCAD free download has access to discussion forums, blogs, video tutorials. Has very good support, which is very helpful. Is updated regularly, it gets new features and tools in newer versions. It has an active community of users, which makes the app even more helpful. Has tutorials and guides, which make it easier for new users to learn the app’s interface and all its features.


  • What is the difference between AutoCAD and LT versions?
    AutoCAD is a professional-level application, whereas LT version is a basic-level application. AutoCAD LT is intended for users who are just beginning to use CAD software. 
  • Is there a way to find out what version I'm running?
    Yes, you can open the command window, type "autocad -version"
  • How do I create a file?
    You can create a file by navigating to the File Menu and selecting 'New.'
  • I am a Mac user. What do I need to run AutoCAD?
    AutoCAD is a Windows-only application, and it is not compatible with Mac.


All in all, free AutoCAD is a great application for designing and drafting. It's easy to use, functionality is great, support is very good. Is a highly functional and user-friendly CAD application that can be customized to suit user's preferences. It offers a large variety of tools that are easy to find and it is easy to use. Is a computer-aided design software company that provides an array of CAD applications. Company has been in existence since 1982 and is headquartered in San Rafael, California. Company's product line has grown to include 3D, 2D, mobile CAD software. Application is a very easy to use AutoCAD Mac application, which has all necessary functionality and tools for CAD design. Interface is very simple and intuitive, app is very easy to learn and use, it has a small learning curve, it is very responsive and it doesn’t have any bugs. Has good support, which is helpful for new users.


  • Built-in templates to quickly build a 3D model;
  • Easy to customize;
  • Is free- which is a rarity for these types of productivity apps;
  • Is easy to use and provides a lot of great features.


  • Occasionally, app crashes from time to time;
  • Is not compatible with iOS devices.

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